Babes and Nerds , BAN

1 BAN = $ 0.000331988 (0.000000040 BTC)
33.33 %
Капитализация: $ 0.00
Объём эмиссии: 150,000,000
Алгоритм: PoS
Метод защиты: N/A
Год основания: 27/09/2016

Babes & Nerds is a used play as a babe or as a nerd in the BAN platform, and get paid or pay for your personal cam BAN shows. As a babe you can show yourself (like a camgirl), choose your location (only if you want), choose price and lenght of your show, be paid in BAN. As a nerd you can write to girls, watch shows while you're at your pc or smartphone, pay shows in BAN. Both can be anonymous under request. The BAN cryptocurrency itself is a PoS coin.