EarthCoin , EAC

1 EAC = $ 0.0014124807 (0.00000017 BTC)
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Капитализация: $ 16,847,668.93
Объём эмиссии: 13,500,000,000
Алгоритм: Scrypt
Метод защиты: PoW
Год основания: 21/12/2013

EarthCoin uses scrypt as a proof of work scheme and is a scrypt coin descendant of Litecoin, Holders can send Earthcoin to anyone in the world — in 10 seconds — without having to worry about banks and borders, it uses a 365 day period & starts with 10,000 coins p/block & it varies in a sine curve with amplitude of 2,000 with a period of one year (like the Earth moving around the Sun). Then a new minimum of 8000 coins per block at about 9 months.