Refereum , RFR

1 RFR = $ 0.0148735933 (0.00000179 BTC)
-6.77 %
Капитализация: $ 74,367,966.50
Объём эмиссии: 5,000,000,000
Алгоритм: N/A
Метод защиты: N/A
Год основания: 25/09/2017

Refereum is a referal marketing platform for the game industry built on the Ethereum blokchain. Referal marketing is a way to promote products throught a word-of-mouth, and the Refereum Team's is planning to create a decentralized platform dedicated to this type of marketing enabling developers to improve their marketing campaings, influencers to moneize their following, and even a regular gamer be rewarded for sharing links or moving up a gaming level.

Refereum token, is an ERC-20 token that will be use to reward the platform users.