ZCoin , XZC

1 XZC = $ 35 (0.00433 BTC)
3.8 %
Капитализация: $ 153,815,246.54
Объём эмиссии: 21,000,000
Алгоритм: Lyra2RE
Метод защиты: PoW
Год основания: 01/01/0001

ZCoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency using the Lyra2 hashing algorithm. It is an implementation of the Zerocoin protocol ( guaranteeing true financial anonymity using ZK-Snarks. Zero-Knowledge proofs allows one to show ownership of a Zcoin coin without having to reveal which coin one owns.

Recently, the Zcoin protocol was found to have a typographic bug that costed the network roughly $400k. This bug, however, did not compromise the anonimity features of Zcoin.

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